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Just Life
Knitting and spinning
Donna Knits and Spins!
Monday, 18 September 2006
To dye for
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: TV Commercial
I spent yesterday dyeing some knitpicks yarn in Wiltons dye.  Came out pretty nice.  I wasn't thrilled with the purple when all was done.  It looked awesome in the crockpot, but as it dryed it just sort of faded away..


Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 8:09 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 18 September 2006 8:16 AM EDT
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Thursday, 7 September 2006
Happy Birthday
Mood:  lyrical
Now Playing: Morning News

It's Nicole's 11th birthday!  Time sure does fly by!  Her article was published in the fall issue of Spindlicity ( under the kidspin section.  She was very pleased with the way it came out.   She has been a knitting chick lately - on her third scarf! 

I, however, am working on the ongoing poncho, which - by the way, was for me to wear to the Vt. Sheep and Wool this weekend.  I won't be wearing it.  Not because it won't be finished (well, odds are, it won't be) but because it will be 80 degrees! 

Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 8:02 AM EDT
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Monday, 4 September 2006
Fast and wrong!!
Mood:  crushed out
Topic: Knitting

To coin the phrase from my favorite podcast, Knitty D and the City (I don't know how to link yet, or I would do it) my latest project is fast and very wrong!!

In my haste to cast on and get knitting my super duper of a deal poncho, I neglected to read the directions PROPERLY.  In am increasing every row instead of every other row.  Now, this might be good, as I am larger than the average woman and could use the extra width.  However, I am going to have to stop increasing so rapidly or it will be too big, even for me.  I could frog it all at this point, but I think I like the way it is increasing.  My only fear is that when I go to the proper increase rate, it will certainly look different .  How will that look????  So much for a quick project............


Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 10:36 AM EDT
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Sunday, 3 September 2006
What is up with these photos!!!
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Knitting and spinning
What is up with these photos???  I have no patience for this.  Sorry about that

Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 12:26 PM EDT
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What needs to be done
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: A Disney Movie of some sort
Topic: Knitting and spinning

Is that I need to write down everything I have on my needles at this point and finish them.

I have the feather and fan shawl made from my maroon hand spun.  About 40% done


The purple grape vine socks are 25% done - a Christmas present for _____


I just started the bluebelle ruanna from Big Girl Knits.  I don't think I like the way it is going, so I might rip it out and do something else with it.  I should also mention that I only have half the yarn spun for that project anyway.

Started a log cabin blanket out of some stash.  That will be a winter project.   

As for what's on my spindles:

The awesome blue and green merino that I am spinning for socks.  About 50% spun.  I am going to make the pomatomus socks with that.


Started spinning the kool aide roving in green and yellow also for socks.  Too soon to even count as something on my spindles.

 Now what's in my  knitting queue:

I bought some hand spun at Bella Yarn Friday.  How could I not pass this up?  All the yarn to make a poncho, plus the pattern for $10.  Only problem is that I need a large poncho for me, so I bought 2 kits.  I should have enough to make one for me and another one for Nicole.  Any chance of this getting done by Thursday for her birthday?????

I am itching to make myself the Bombshell sweater in BGK.  I still can't bring myself to buy any  more yarn though.  And making a sweater for someone my size is not a small proposition. 

Most of the other things are Christmas knitting:

A smoke ring hood for _____ out of some grey/black merino roving that still needs to be spun.

Doggie sweaters with matching hats for 2 different families (thats 5 hats and 2 small dog sweaters).  They had it in the latest Knitpicks catalog.  Don't know about doing the fair isle though.  I could get the same effect with something simpler.

I still want to knit stockings for dh and I.  I knit one for Nicole last year, which I don't really like but she will deal with it.  I have been on the search for the perfect stocking, and I think I may have come close with one I found in Spinners.

I had a great idea to make moebius scarves afters seeing them on knitpicks.  Wouldn't it be a great gift to get a simple solid turle neck (probably a scoop neck would work better) with matching moebius scarves out of homespun? 

I probably have about 12 pairs of sock yarn waiting to become socks.  I think those will be my filler projects.  Whoever I can knit a pair for will get them for Christmas. 

Nicole got something off her needles though>

I'm so proud of her!


Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 12:20 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 3 September 2006 12:22 PM EDT
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Thursday, 10 August 2006
When It Rains It Pours
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Pouring Rain
Topic: Just Life

Got lots of good news this week.  Our daughter Nicole auditioned for "A Christmas Carol" at Trinity Rep for their childrens choir.  They called and told us she made it.  She is so excited!!  A huge committment for sure!  Rehearsals start Saturday.  She's getting so grown up.....












Next bit of good news - she wrote an article on her spinning and knitting for the Fall issue of Spindlicity and they told us they are going to publish it in September.  She was really flying high after that.












OTN - Icarus turned to Icky rus!  I have too many damn stitches on row 23.  I don't know if I'm cut out for lace knitting.  I am putting it down tonight and thinking about it tomorrow.  Did some spinning on the blue/green sock yarn.  I have been itching to spin for a few days and haven't had the chance.  Tomorrow I am hoping to do a little dyeing and more spinning.  Maybe even attempt to figure my Icky rus.



Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 9:44 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 3 September 2006 12:26 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 9 August 2006
A match made in heaven
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Yankee Game
Topic: Knitting

OK - so maybe not a match, but definitely a bit of heaven!!!













Why not a match you say???  Well, it goes kinda like this.  I started the pretty pastel bow tie sock (notice the bowties??) and finished it.  Then I went to start the second one, and low and behold I CAN'T FIND THE SECOND BALL OF YARN!!!!  So, doing what any manic knitter would do, I cast on a different ball!  So I now have one of each sock completed.  I just cast on the second grey one last night.  PS -  I did find the second ball of pastel in my special spot that I keep just for sock yarn.  Why didn't I think of that??

Guess what else I cast on last night??








It's Icarus~

How about those colors!  They are so me.  I found the Interweave Knits summer issue at the LYS.  I bought the yarn from Knit Picks with the intent of making the Faroese Peaks Shawl, but I did not buy enough yarn and got frustrated with the pattern.  This is my first venture in lace.  I need to get the Lace Virginity button for my blog.  Anybody know how to do that??




Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 9:45 PM EDT
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Sunday, 11 June 2006
Bad Blogger - Bad, Bad Blogger
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Early Morning News
Topic: Just Life
I haven't made an entry in over two months? Who the heck is gonna want to read THIS blog???? I hadn't thought of posting because nothing exciting was going on, but isn't a weblog about daily life, boring and all? I got to some great fiber fests and had a ball with my fibery friends - Love ya Pat and Lisa and all the other spinning gals...... My daughter got to hold an Angora Bunny (we hopefully be able to get one this September) I organized my stash yesterday. So I have 2 huge piles of this neat blue/green/black from two different festivals that I am going to spin up for a cardigan and also a regular sweater for me. I probably won't pick it up to spin until the fall and won't attempt to make the sweaters till next year since I want to lose more weight. I have probably 7 other fibers to play with. A few will become socks. Here is what I have spun but have not knitted up yet: I found some neat hand spun yarn at Savers. I got 4 hanks for $4. I dyed some for socks. How could you beat the price??? And look at what my wonderful hubby got me for my 40th birthday...... I just LOVE it! So much fun to spin on. I am going to take it camping next weekend. Oh, and look at what my daughter and I dyed: This will become socks as well. Can't wait to start spinning it. On my needles - the Jellybean baby blanket that MUST get finished this week. I can't take looking at it anymore. I love the recipient, and love the blanket, but don't ask me what I was thinking when I used a fingering weight yarn for a baby blanket. Can you say insane? (no, just say cheap - I had it in my stash and LOVED the colors). I am almost done with one of my knitpick socks, and I am getting ready to knit up socks with some of my hand dyed. The photos are just all over the place - wish I could figure this blog thing out! Sorry for the unattractive appearance.... My paragraphs are not appearing as typed. Computers....... Off to enjoy the day........

Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 7:27 AM EDT
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Friday, 24 March 2006
I promised
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Shrek Game
Topic: Knitting and spinning
a picture of my work in progress. And here it is.........

Isn't it pretty? I love those colors! I am hoping I have enough yarn to finish it though. I guess it will be a short shawl if all else fails!

Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 6:07 PM EST
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Sorry sorry, so sorry
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Birds chirping - ah, paradise!
Topic: Knitting and spinning
I have been such a neglectful blogger of late. My sincere apologies. It's not that I have not had much to say, it's that I have lost focus. Today I have gotten it back, thanks to many prayers. As soon as I get done with this, I will tackle my TO DO TODAY list and off we go!

Now all things knitting and spinning.........

Still spinning the burgundy merino AND knitting the shawl from that lovely wool AT THE SAME TIME! Did you hear that? I have not gotten side tracked, I have not started spinning another fiber. I have kept to my word and am working feverishly on said shawl. Now, that's not to say that I am not anxiously awaiting this burgundy garbage (oh, did I say that out loud????) to be finished (am just kidding, it is beautiful and I promise to get pics posted as soon as I get camera battery charged - see what I mean by "not focused" lately). The next fiber to start spinning will be the grey multicolored that I won on E-bay. I am thinking of making a poncho out of that if I have enough. First I need to spin it, then see If I really like it, then go on from there.

Oh yes, and there are the upcoming fiber festivals! I swear I am making a list before I go so I have some sort of clue as to what I should get. These will be my first fiber events since getting my wheel - look out!

Posted by donnaknitsandspins at 9:02 AM EST
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